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Dear Reader,

We wish to take a moment to honor the recent extraordinary service rendered by our plumber, Paul Zarella, owner of Paul J. Zarella Plumbing of Bradley Beach, NJ.

The snow was falling, the winds whipping and the cold and wet winter was keeping all sensible people inside. IT would have been easy enough for our plumber, Paul Zarella, to defer or avoid the call, but he didn’t. We all too often get excited over the opportunities to publicly crucify our service contractors for poor work but rarely take the time to compliment them when such is do. As yet another storm bore down on us last Tuesday night, well after dark, Paul was called in to fix a broken steam pipe at our Grandview apartments in Keansburg. With assistance from our property management staff, and despite the brutal weather conditions, he went to work. It turned out to be both a broken steam pipe and a broken sewer pipe in the crawl space beneath one of the apartments. Paul and his assistant worked until after 11 pm, literally crawling though a disgusting combination of sewage and hot water to repair the breaks. Thanks to his efforts, our residents once again had hot water and functioning bathrooms.

Lest anyone think that we take such loyalty and professionalism for granted, we wish to publicly commend Paul for service “below” and beyond the call of duty.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tim McCorry AIA LEED, Director of Capital Projects and Construction

Affordable Housing Alliance, Eatontown, NJ